Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"

i know this story zzzzz

Good flash good animation good art and sounds. However the story line is so holloywood and typical. There a far too many of these type of flashes. Also a silent talented hero guy who can do al sorts. Same story line we have all seen a thousand times. For this reason it will never be a classic in my eyes. good and dull at the same time

Gi-go responds:

Is it hollywood because it has a complex story line instead of being some kind of video game parody? Give me a break.


Neat. Reminds me of Frankenstein/the Iron Giant with way cooler violence. Good music, good voice acting. It would be nice if you would spice up the story just a LITTLE bit though, its just a bit too cliché for my taste. Oh, and you should work on your animation technique - it doesn't suit you. Maybe try using frame-by-frame more. The cool models make up for it though, and I guess it would by hard to do frame-by-frame with such complex models.

Gi-go responds:

Yeah the sotry will spice up a ton in File 3, dont worry.

Ive strayed away from fbf just because of that reason, but I'm getting back into it, so it will be used more.


Another violent flash animation with a character trying to figure out something. The though of counting in japanese though...isn't "yon" four, not shi? You can still see some white on the car outline....try to fix that... and you should add more detail to some of the fight scenes, because some scenes look more....plain than the others.

well, anyway, good try.

Gi-go responds:

A violent movie of a character trying to figure something out? What are you going on about?

Shi is 4.


nothing new, to tell you the truth, i had trouble watching this whole thing. Try to add a little creativity, i've seen the whole human and alien countless times. The graphics are alright and the sound and voilence is pretty good too but make the animation smoother and be a little more creative again ;) ok gl on ur future works

Gi-go responds:

Ive never heard of the alien/human thing in my life and neither has anybody I know, and between me and my friends we've seen every sci-fi movie ever made.

So I have no idea what youre talking about. If you actually know of something please PM me a link.

I appreciate your effort, but this is bad.

Since you must have been worked long time with this, I'm trying to be fair, but: it's irrealistic at all. The movements are robotic. Gi Go should have taken a head shot right at the begining, since the man he attacked was not a child who wears gun at first time, but a trained guard, who can't let the enemy surprise him. A good rifles bullet can go trough 3 people and stops in a fourth one, but when Gi Go uses a human shield it takes all the bullets, and somehow the trained gurds aim worse than me (I shot only with slingshot before), but the probably untrained experience monster is a sharpshooter. And of course they toght their secret experience monster to drive a veichle too. Doesn't sonds it very real, does it?
But the voice action is good, however I couldn't give a good score to the sounds becouse the crappy music.

Gi-go responds:

Didnt you hear the guard? It wouldnt effect him anyways. I wasnt trying to make those rifles very well, just little burst fire type rifles based on the half life 2 smg.

Of course they tought him how to drive, youll find that out later too =)

Sorry you didnt like it, most people loved the soundtrack. Oh well..