Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"

Awsome as alwayse ;D

Your artwork is realy getting insane.

And of course you kicked ass when it came to the action and gore.
This is the kind of stuff that deserves to be in the all time top scoring, not those shitty sprite flashes.

Gi-go responds:

Thanks alot Josh, glad to see youre still watching my stuff =)

Hope to see something from you soon!


Well, this is certainly something worth watching a few more times. I loved the concept of Gi-Go and it starts in a style that reminds me somewhat of Alien. I like it.

It's a shame that I had to put the quality of the works computer down to Medium, as it really does deserve high quality rendering, so that the flash can be watched in all it's glory.

How long does an episode like that take to make? I trust you are proud of your achievements with it.

I'm looking forward to hackers breaking deeper into the computer and discovering more information on Gi-Go, as while it is an informative file, it is also quite enjoyable to watch such grace... from a distance

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Gi-go responds:

I wish you didnt have to turn the quality down, I alot of people dont have to, just the slower computers.

It took me 8 months to make this one, I wish it had more attention though.

Thanks for the great review!


Well that was really intense and i loved it, i hadn't seen the first one but i was able to pick up on the story from here pretty well because of your good storytelling. I thought the way you animated the fighting was excellent and my favorite scene was when the other Gi was beheaded that was totally gross. The voice acting for all the character's was great and i loved that song you used near the end. I thought you left this on a pretty good cliffhanger too, i look forward to the next file.


Gi-go responds:

Awesome, I'm glad you apriciated the action. I like the beheading also =D

Thanks for the review!


^^Good Points^^
Extremely well done, I'm surprised by this. The drawings were very pleasant and rather refreshing. Excellent drawing and other graphical effects. The storyline was interesting and this seems to be developing nicely. Definitely a great effort, I think it deserves more popularity.

^^Needs Improving^^
Your running/walking animations are a little strange and could use some practice.

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Gi-go responds:

I'm glad you understood the story line and liked the effects.



nicely done, the only part that needs improvement is the movement. great job.

Gi-go responds:

Yeah I need to work on that some.

Glad you liked it, thanks!