Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"


This was great!
I have'nt seen anything this good and engrossing since Madness Interactive!
I gave humor a zero because it was relatively serious.
Alright, you take it easy man, while i wait for Gi-Go File 3!

Gi-go responds:

Hey, I'm glad you thought so!

I'll try to have out out in less than 8 months =D

Amazing man, just amazingly amazing :D

Every small detail, every little object, drawn so good..
You are the Flash GOD my friend =]

Gi-go responds:

Haha, thanks for the compliment!

Awsome flash skills i must say

This is truly awesome , i never watched the first one but this movie makes you feel like you have, awesome graphics's story , and animation id like to see one of those stick animators reply this movie 1 million times so they learn a little something about animating detailed graphics's.

Real Nice

That was pretty cool. I really like the graphic but some animation seems awkward. Some of the script writing too. But it doesn't kill the interest. I'm looking forward for the next file.

Also, I really like what you did at the end; the music listing with play buttons. I always wondered why no Flash artists made that before and you're the first I saw to do it.

Oh yeah, I watch that flash you made when you were 12. You came a long way. You made it from "crappy flash" to "I wouldn't be surprised to see this on the top 50 flash". Awesome job!

Gi-go responds:

I need to improve on that stuff, I agree. I'm glad you appriciated the music buttons. I havent seen them before either, and I dont know why.

Haha, I had to work up the courage to show everybody on NG that movie.

Thanks for the review.

good work

I gave graphics an 8 because allthough the drawing was superb, the animation of the characters looked a tad unnatural in the fight scenes. Other then that, compelling story board, good fights, clever characters, and a good flash. Nice work. Maybe give me some pointers.

Gi-go responds:

Yeah I need some work on movement.

Thanks for writing this review. I know it must have been hard since your hand got welded together in that accident.

Well you know what they say- "Dont work on sunday or youll get fucked up"