Reviews for "Operation Gi-go: File 2"

very cool

everything was drawn well but when they moved, they looked like the moved 1 joint at a time like... robots
other than your characters being robots the story was interesting and the graphics excellent

feck yes

dude awesome creation the graphics are awesome but the animation is a little choppy but over all man awesome

Gi-go responds:

Sweet, glad you liked it.


This is AWSOME

It reminds me too much of a single person Roleplay story I'm doing online... Oh well to the review, well Gi-go kind of moves like he's high on pot or something, but I understand how difficult it must be to make complex animation run smoothly. I'm sure your trying your best to improve so I won't complain. However I also like your Extras feature with the first Gi-go moive you ever made, and I have to tell you, I found it funny in a good way. "All I wanted was some chips GOD" anyway excellent work.

Gi-go responds:

Haha, I found it funny in a bad way. I guess I just want people to see how far you can come, so they dont give up.



this is awesome! it has a great storyline and everything. serouis flash talent. still. it is really short and the movements are really like robots. lol. still good though. :):):):):):):):)!

"where you going Gi-go?"
"away" (atleast thats i all i can remeber i think he said)
"youre not going anyware, get back in your room"
*crappy arm movement by Gi-go*
*Gi-go caulks gun*

Gi-go responds:

Its 6 minutes, not that short.

Glad you liked it!


nothing new, to tell you the truth, i had trouble watching this whole thing. Try to add a little creativity, i've seen the whole human and alien countless times. The graphics are alright and the sound and voilence is pretty good too but make the animation smoother and be a little more creative again ;) ok gl on ur future works

Gi-go responds:

Ive never heard of the alien/human thing in my life and neither has anybody I know, and between me and my friends we've seen every sci-fi movie ever made.

So I have no idea what youre talking about. If you actually know of something please PM me a link.