Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"


Damn have I been looking forward to this! I had high expectations for this since it was so long in coming but you didn't fail to deliver one bit. Animation was slick and the action was top notch. This is by far the most badass thing I've seen on NG in a long time. Kickass job dude!!!! Bunnykill rules.


an incredible feat, my friend. so smooth..

the subtleties in the animation is what really made it for me... the things that nobody would think to animate. great job!!!!!

Can't wait for the next one! (please tell me there's going to be a next one!)


Its finally out!

Wow...Just...Wow. I have to say that was indeed worth the wait. Great in every way.


Good way to end it. Im mad his buddy had to die though! Argh!

Very Nice

It was in one word: Awesome.

I watched the whole friging movie and i seriously loved it. Its funny how Snwoball goes all ''^.^'' When he picks up a good weapon. Im terribly sad that Smoke died, he was one of the most awesome Bunny's out there man :(

The return of Dust was really awesome, I seriously dindt expect that. Anyways, i dindt miss the Katana's at all, The Laser swords where waaaaaay more awesome. But you cant lean on a Lightsaber you know xD I DO think you should make a story line, atleast put some flashbacks in the next part, of Snow being all mad about the past etc etc. You know the Drill. 10/10 and 5/5