Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"

great job

very good, i bet a whole bunch of people didnt see the scene after the credits. please make a sequel and keep up the good work!


DAMN WE ALL WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS, BUT THE WAITING WAS REALLY WORTH IT. Oh my god this is just soooooooooo great, im gona watch it a million times lol dude this is just so awesome... your the best! But aah Smoke died :/ sad... but smudge is finaly killed wooo! The ending though was kinda like Star Wars, i mean, the fight with... aah i forgot the names, anyway you should know what i mean. But it was really great. I hope more comes, since ... *dont wants to spoil the ending now* ... oh well, Keep the good work up dude!!!


Mottis responds:

More will come, even though it will have nothing to do with this storyline. Everyone can only use their imagination to figure what happens to Snowball in this story after the movie.

freaking sweet! XD

this is one of the best flash movies i've ever seen =). pretty much everything was perfect in it. and those last to gray bunnies had to be the smartest two in the whole series. ^_^. o and btw for my fellow wii users. the wii internet connection isn't as good as dsl and wont play as well. i first watched it on my wii but during the parts where alot of things was going on at once it got a little choppy and trust when i say you want to c this in its most perfect fashion =^_^=. not really bad but it needs another update to make things like this run smother.


I thought you lost all motivation to make this. I'm glad you've pulled through, though--your efforts certainly payed off!
Nice, long, and violent. Definitely keeps with the storyline and flow of the first.
I love the addition of the scene select. That earned the interactivity some extra points.
Around 200 bunnies die in Vol. 1 and 2 combined...It's freaking cruel, and at the same time, so freaking enjoyable.

This gets a well-deserved 10/10!

Awesome V3.2

I loved it again and have all of them in my favs list.