Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"


First a madness sequel, now this? Madness is way overdone, it hit it's prime at around Madness 3, although 4 would've been most appropriate.

A hollow shell of a tribute that barely even acknowleges Madness for having begun the flash massacre craze. All I see is that you have some great potential as an animator, but have very little in the creativity department. Quality story over quality graphics... You can render shit until every last fiber of it's being can be seen in stunning detail, but it doesn't change the fact that it's still just a piece of shit.

I give you an F for effort. I don't care how well you animate, this is garbage. What ever happened to the days when flash was good? 2004 is over... I'm dissapointed in the total lack of original content here these days.

Mottis responds:

I'm not really that good at coming up with original stories, and I love animating action flashes and action flashes ONLY. So yeah. This kind of stuff is the one thing I'm good at, so no, I'm not going to change my style anytime soon. You don't like it? That's absolutely fine by me, I didn't expect everyone to like it.

very inconsistent, very boring

lots of things to keep me saying "how is he not dead yet" like for instance, the huge mech shoots at him when he's completely defenseless and somehow he completely misses the bunny, of course you want the hero to prevail, but make it at least look like he needs to be resourceful instead of just having the mech miss basically at point blank range. Also the tougher the enemies got the easier it seemed for the heroes to defeat, the sabers were very unoriginal, and left me thinking "how is he slashing multiple bullets away and never getting hit when bullets travel far faster than the time of the reflexes, which would and should have lead him to getting shot." The heroes just kind of walked through a base full of enemies and go through it with no challenge and not a single scratch, this made it very boring and left a lot to be desired.

The best Bunnykill yet!

Simply amazing, loved the graphics, your new style, the sound was perfected and there were lots of violent scenes which was just great to watch. Very funny and overall a nifty nine on the score. Really well done, and the secret ending, just great!


To be honest, there's nothing that really makes this a standout episode. It almost seems like I've seen the same one, but with different backgrounds.

The animation is great, but the whole 'Madness' thing is starting to get old. You have incredible skill with animation, so use it on something else.