Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"

this is the best one yet

i like it thatyou guys left it open for another movie to be made

Mottis responds:

There will be no more bunnykill movies about this storyline. The "secret" ending is just an easter egg for those who were patient enough to see trough all the credits. Nothing more.

I will make more Bunnykill movies, though.


congrats on the great work , took some talent so the sbaers were from another movie but its not like you dont see guns in almoast every movie today , but wat you dont see its skilled killer rabbits , and in so many different forms , my favorite clip yet great work


That was awesome. By far one of the BEST flash animations I've seen. I've never been so entertained by cuddly little bunnies killing each other. Good stuff, dude. Looking forward to seeing more.

bunny kill game?

is there gonna be a bunny kill game?cuz the movies are awesome!

Mottis responds:

Sorry. No games. At least not anytime soon.

I once started making one with someone, but it didn't go anywhere. My expectations were too big and flash actionscripting is hard.

Best thing on this site yet.

This is the best thing on this site yet. When something eventually takes it's place above it, it can only be another Bunnykill episode.
Also in the credits I found it real funny when I read Gore-ography.
Eat your heart out George Lucas, bunnies do better Jedi defence stances than your actors.

Take your time with the next one Mottis. We want to see more high-quality work. If there can't be better, we'll settle for best :)

(the 3 on Interactivity is because it's just a menu. don't be offended. it's no game so it shouldn't be very interactive)