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Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"


It was great the violence the sound the action.Wonderful, I loved it. You know hes creators should make a game of this.BUNNYKILL the game.

From a "Bunny Kill" almost fan.

Hey, I was hoping to find the Volume 2... Finally it arrived!

I love the Serie itself!!!:
The cute bunnies, Snowball with his face like ^-^ [*] when reciving a new weapon... the way he interacts with everything from in the screen simultaneously (They TRY TO do something, they don't stay in the scene doing something!).

What I didn't like was the So easy way he killed some Bosses(In BunnyKill 1, its with a piece of sword, Snowballs kills Smoke SLOWLY. While in BunnyKill 3, Snowball could lose the fight, but the enemy fell from the cable because of a Snowball's kick).

/\ /\
| |~| |
> <

About Interactivity: I suggest you to make a kind of "Skip Intro" for the next series, because its getting longer by the time! And that makes it boring. :(

Style: Well just because in this last one, it looked a lot like Star Wars. It could be more..... "original", but its OK anyway

Graphs: I almost put 9 instread of 10, because the explosions were SO simples. I mean, just red colour and some white rays??

Now my questions are:
1- Will you do Bunny Kill 4 with multiple figthings also? For example in Volume 2, Smoke and Snowball were fighting together.
2- Is there any possibility that Bunny Kill 5 would be in a plot like "Call Of Duty"? With allies, hiding places, etc.?

I know that you're now making the Bunny Kill 4, and that my 2nd question was too early. Sorry, but I wondered.

Keep the good work!
See you!


Waaah!..... Yeah I liked smoke, but uh anyway. You should make a game on this. A co-op game of episode 3. Where one gets to play as smoke, and one gets to play as snowball.... yeah.... That'd rock. :o GREAT STUFF! n_n


man this is sweeeet!!!! make another one quick man cause its crunk

*Shudders* That ending is ominous...

This was one of the best movies I have ever seen, BUT, do I spy a Bunnykill 3 Volume III in the future? That cyborg (little easter egg for those who stick around past the credits) is THE most disgusting thing on the planet, I swear *shudders again*. But there are to many small (but intriguing) questions left: How did the cyborg get on the ship? Wouldn't Snowball have heard it (it's not exactly a big ship...)? And how's he gonna FIGHT the damn thing without exploding the entire ship (he's not known for doing things cleanly :P)? If not a Bunnykill 3 Volume III. then at LEAST a Bunnykill 3: After the Job... please? For me? I've been a fanatic of this series since day one, and you can't leave me hangin' like this man! But I digress. Now for my actual review:

Music - 10/10: Kickass, and deadly. Fit the mood perfectly.

Animation - 10/10: Action was HARDCORE with a capital "H".

Plotline - 9/10: Not really necessary when you have a cute little bunny with a LIGHTSABER killing everything in sight, but you had one, a really GOOD one, actually, it set the scene nicely, and only made the movie better.

Characters - 10/10: Snowball was really the only character worth taking time in effort, none of the others except the Cyborg and Smoke really lasted more than a minute anyway.

Overall - 10/10: Perfect, going into my favs! But one little thing that annoyed me: you made Proffesor Sludge die to easily! In all the other Bunnykill vids the boss was the elite and very hard for Snowball to kill, but in this one... it was waaaaaay to easy. But thats a very small thing, and it didn't detract from the move at all. Nice work.