Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"

Snowball and Smoke, the perfect team

taking names and kicking ass

Waited years, yet it did not disappoint!

My favorite series on NG, and possably on the internet in general. I've loved Bunnykill since the begining, and this is the best one to date.

Bravo, sir! May you make a hundred more!

Elmer's still smiling

-Juuso-, or Mottis as he now calls himself, is BACK.
About time.
Elmer Fudd has missed you. He still can't kill even one wabbit, let alone 100 so he needs these sorts of diversions to keep his spirits up.

What's that? You've never heard of Mottis? Sheesh, while this reviewer realizes that 2 years can be an eternity in internet time, the Bunnykill series is a must watch for anyone that is a fan of the sub-genera that was pioneered by "Madness" and has been imitated (usually poorly) by many, MANY imitators. If you have stumbled on these sorts of movies at all on NG but missed this then give youself a slap and start making up for lost time. You won't be sorry.

It's also a great starting place if you are just starting to discover this style.

For those not in the 'NG fight flash' know, 'Bunnykill 3 Vol. 2' is the second and final part of the 3rd movie in the highly popular 'Bunnykill' series. In the movies, Snowball, our ever ready to do battle protagonist, continually finds himself going up against huge armies of opposing bunnies in order to take out a boss character and a bodyguard.

These movies have absolutely nothing to do with each other so it doesn't matter if you have watched the previous installments or not (with the exception of 'Bunnykill 3 vol 1', of course. Watch that first. It helps) It's similar though more high tech then the previous installments.

It even includes lightblades (not lightsabers which this reviewer once made the mistake of calling the weapons last time around). I love these weapons. I love the buzzing sound as it cuts, the soft hum as it runs... Although, I must take some fanboy exception to the fact that the blade itself can be "grabbed" by the robots at one point. How is this even possible? The ONLY thing that can block energy is other energy. Metal, skin... whatever may be able to deflect but not hold.

I got over it though, how can you not? Plenty of slicing and dicing are to be had, along with the always entertaining gunplay and it's the kind of battle that you can watch over and over again because of all the little subtleties that come to bear. You can't possibly keep an eye on how everyone is trying to kill out hero (and his partner Dust) with one viewing when the screen gets crowded. This is not one of those films where the hero fights the enemy 1 or 2 at a time while the others uselessly dance around so that the hero may defeat them in detail.

No, they all attack at once. They may not have the lighting quick reflexes or flat-out skill that Snowball does but you can bet if they were the ones fighting in those older style movies I just described, the hero would be dead, dead, DEAD.

Anyway, continuing from where we last left off. The plot, what little there is, has Snowball and Dust fighting more hoards, including the still very cool Robocop type monster, confronting the target and having to battle with the target's body guard. Will Snowball prevail and get paid ? Will the forces of Not-Snowball win (I'd like to say evil but the bad guy has never really been established)?

Find out all this and more. While I didn't find this quite as interesting as the first part (Fewer cut scenes, the grenade bomb isn't as interesting as the super blast gun in the first part and I was disappointed with the 3 bullets that were able to disable, however temporarily, the robot..) it's still the best Madness clone out there and it's a shame that it does not get more recognition then it does. Past time it got out from the shadow and be recognized as a series based on it's own merits. With it's own clones and whatnot. With the Robo robot it's even, potentially, got it's own mascot answer to the all powerful Zombie clown and I hope it keeps being recycled.

Lighting fast action keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout, what's not to love?

I give this submission 5/5

PS. Hey, glad to see your still making this stuff. I had checked back a few times and thought you had given up on making more. I really didn't a few things like grabbing the lightblade. Could you explain that stuff? Thanks.

Mottis responds:

Wow. I actually read all of that haha.

Thanks. This is the first time(That I remember) that someone has actually realized that the stories indeed have nothing to do with eachother. Too many people still wonder how Smoke or Dust can still be alive, even when I explained it in the description. You made my day, sir.

I don't wanna be a jerk but there was just one minor mistake in your review. The black Bunny is Smoke, and the brown one Dust. You got them mixed up. It's not important though.

Oh, and about the blade grabbing issue. You kinda explained it yourself there, they aren't lighsabers, but lightblades. Alltough they look the same, they function differently and you can actually grab a lightblade. Also if you cut someone with a LB, he bleeds, unlike with a lightsaber.

Finally , a masterpiece complete.

It was hard to beleive when I saw this on the front page.
Way to go man , waaay to go ! :)
Excellent, violent, bloody... I think the only thing missing was sex ;).
GREAT work.
You rock.

FUCKING YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Finally, I have been waiting this forever and I just found out it's been out for like 2 years wow... BUT YAY I LOVES IT!! I shall wait for the next with much anticipation.