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Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.2"


I think madness might have a little competition from bunnykill. the falsh itself is beautiful, with a great ending to wrap everything up.....or will there be more?? i hope so, and i'm sure others agree.

Worth most of the wait.

Like the title says, it was worth MOST of the wait. 6 months in the army, now that's just ridiculous. If you make another episode, you should totally make like a Grievous bot with like 4 sabers, now that I'd like to see. I still don't know why the bot that went berserk shot all those mech bunnies. Excellent nonetheless.

Mottis responds:


The robot had gone completely insane and wanted to take out Snowball no matter what. The Robot Bunnies saw him as a greater threat than Snowball and tried to take it out.


YAY YAY YAY!!! WE HAVE BEEN WAITING A LOOONG time but, yes, it was worth it. Your best movie so far. Keep up the good work. This goes in my favorites like all the other.



This was awsome!! I honestlty thought this would never get here. Great Work!! I know there is the Star Wars reference in it (obviosly), but is there a slight metroid reference in it as well?

Mottis responds:

Metroid? I've only played the 2 games that are on the GBA and a little bit the first one on the GC. But my friend(Matti "Rajnen" Pajunen) who made all the music for this movie is a die hard Metroid fan. Maybe that's the reason?


Dude i wait too long for this animation but it worth it =D
Now i gonna wait for episode 4
Well...waiting time once more =[