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Reviews for "Puzzle Freak"

Me like

I spent so much time playing this it is awsome the minigames inside the board game, the graphics, and the whole idea was great


just some issues..
some games had nothing to do with iq at all... like the ball and cup game, or the find the differences ... but the rest were pretty good
and at the end, i was decimating my opponent, but i couldnt land on the flag, so he eventually caught up to me before i finally landed on it lol (he was about a whole circle away from me) ... you should make it more like a cross the finish, rather than get lucky type thing
and lastly, i scored 171, which is roughly 20 points higher than what it really was (a significant amount)... thers not much you can do about that i guess
if you put more number puzzles and spacial awareness puzzles, it wouldv been more like a real iq test
the purple guy is fun to play with lol

overall fun game.. good job


Pretty nice puzzles.


Overall it was really good, the puzzles were all different with a nice variety of them, only thing i would say is the way you turn the puzzles on the actual puzzle piece one could be better it was hard to get it right to turn :) other than that cool i completed with IQ of 130 :D

Very cool!

Hey quick question though - can you PLEEEEEEEEASE please please make a "Music ON/OFF" option? The looped music gets REALLY old quickly. Please do this soon lol. I love the game but I want to hear my own music instead. Update time! :)