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Reviews for "Puzzle Freak"

Smart game, smarter answers.

Hah. It takes a true genuis to try and solve them all... my first game wasn't THAT bad. I won ^_^ either way, this is a good game. It takes brains, smarts, and a little bit of... what's that word... knowledge.

Needs work

This is a good idea, and I do like the concept, however some of the puzzles need work as well as the boardgame itself...

On many of the "find the difference in the picture" puzzles you off-centered the left-hand picture versus the right-hand picture... I wasted a lot of time clicking little extra on the left-hand picture frame only to realize that it wasn't really a difference, you just didn't center your pictures so things that show in the left-hand picture don't show in the right hand picture... If you're going to make a "find the difference" then make sure the pictures are the the same picture with the frame in the same spot on both pictures... Not the same picture with one frame leaning right and one frame leaning left... The rest of the puzzles didn't seem to have any problems that I can mention, but your "find the difference" puzzles need some serious work.

Also, in the boardgame itself... I'm not sure if it's just bad coding or what... but... On my second turn, after I was finished the computer took his turn... He got the first puzzle right (I assume... Because you didn't put anything in the game to tell you if the computer solved a puzzle or not other than to say it's the computer's turn again). However, after he got the second puzzle wrong it said it was my turn, then quickly changed and said it was his turn... I didn't get a "Lose your turn" and I didn't see the computer get a "Go two turns" space... So what happened? I can't figure it out.

Pretty much... Good idea... but make sure you do the work necessary for certain things... If you're going to make something like a "find the difference" be 100% sure that the differences you marked are the ONLY differences in the puzzle.


as usual, i get really mad at board games, which this was a good example of

not often will you see a good board game on the internet so this was a nice find

i gave it an 8 in violence cuz i hurt my hand pounding the table in those damn find the difference puzzles which i got so many damn times

either way tho good game...i won with a 113

Almost... but not quite there.

Puzzle Freak ar IQ103. Yay.

Only downsides were the repeatative music Great job otherwise!


Played it for a long time. But even Dumb computer beated me. So i guess i dont am the biggest puzzle freak. Good Job !