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Reviews for "Puzzle Freak"


This game has its good sides, and it,s bad sides. One good thing is that it's much easier than the seond one. One bad thing is you can only choose from one level!

Nice!! ^^

I played through it twice, and got 135 the first time and 150 the second. I think it's pretty accurate too, since I've taken other IQ tests and received similar scores. (An official test was taken when I was six, and I got 135.)

I like this game a lot, since it's not just one of those games you can find on any game website - this is actually making you think a bit! (Quite a bit, actually!)

So yeah, I like this a lot. I like the part where you have to get the yellow car to the exit - that's my personal favorite part of the game!

My brain!!!!

Awesome game. gave me a headache.


my was 105 agnst 102 i sooooo rox


I cannot beat that water pouring mini game though!!!! >:[