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Reviews for "Puzzle Freak"

Please God...

Why is every other player (I was Frankenthingy) so annoying looking??

Awesome game!

:] I really liked this game... The idea is very fun and mini-games really grab your attention. The mini-games themselves were kinda easy but the time limits really made it more interesting. I enjoyed it a lot!

Cool game, but...

I thought some of the puzzles were impossible. For example, in the Spot-The-Differences puzzles, things that were different wouldn't come up as being different. On the church one, there was a part of another building in one picture and not in the other, but when I clicked it I lost time.
Also, my IQ seemed to go down with each puzzle, including the spaceship puzzles that I finished almost immediately after the timer moved. I lost 10 IQ on those each time, usually.
Great game, but a whole lot of annoyances.

Pretty Cool

It was pretty neat. I love anything to do with puzzle games and I figured out that jug one but only once and i cant remember how the hell i did it.

quite a nice game

interesting.. the hardest was the jug thing i guess. for me tt is. i cud solve the rest ^^