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Reviews for "Puzzle Freak"

WOW Possibly Next Front Pager???

This is really somethign newgrounds has needed a game like this for quite sometime. I really enjoy it becouse u have to think plus the awsome multiplayer this will be. The puzzles are great and you have to think "outside the box" to solve them really something thanks for the great submission.


...a choosable music option,..otherwise, an excellent submission of a type of genre we don't see here often. Great work man. 4/5


in thew "whats different" puzzle with the spider and ant there is a bug where the fifth difference is not selectable. in the lower left hanbd corner there is a clear difference that is not selectable.

Kind of tedious after awhile.

Could use more variety in what's going on. The board game format only really served to make the length of a play session uncertain, especially considering how rare the chance squares are. Some of the puzzles were essentially the same each time as well (jigsaw, towers of hanoi, and the pitchers, on one runthrough with the default settings). Maybe have some of the puzzles be multiplayer?

freeworldgroup responds:

all puzzles have several versions to them (some have an unlimited number of versions due to their nature) - jigsaw has several images; towers of hanoi has different versions with more or less donuts; and the water puzzle comes with different sized water containers.

The same puzzle should not repeat itself in any given game - but you can get variations of each after the whole set is played at least once (but not repeats).

Fun, interesting game

I really enjoyed it. I thought it might have been a bit too easy though, It was not much of a challenge beating 3 people set to genius.

freeworldgroup responds:

you must have a big brain ; - )