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Reviews for "Puzzle Freak"


This is a great idea. I love these types of puzzles. You made them better by putting them all in one game.

Dont you realize

Don't you realize that making the end have to be a perfect roll just makes the game entirely random on who wins? the whole game doesn't matter. I got to the end 8 turns before the computer player did, and couldnt finish because of the random dice, and he just walks up after 30 minutes of me at the end and walks in. Why would i play your game when i could just flip a coin by myself and if i dont call it, i just say i lost to your game? When you make your whole game based on a random dice roll, whats the point?

good way to waste time

excellent game, nice concept, i enjoyed playing it. the only problem i have with this game is that some of the puzzles are easy to memorize them after running through them several times through, maybe you can have it so the puzzles are based more on a random puzzle, rather than pre-selected ones

oh yea, and getting to the end is kinda annoying sometimes


this is a good game and the puzzles are most of the time hard for me,when i played it i had no computers.it is great.


the music may be annoying...but it's more annoying seeing everyone saying that there is no music on/off button when there is...its at the bottom corner when you're rolling the dice. If you can't find it then you don't deserve playin this game