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Reviews for "Puzzle Freak"


It seems to me the die is rigged. Everytime I roll I land on something or miss a turn, and the computer keeps missing the events and lands on roll again. When I had finally moved 8 spots forwarded the computer had already lapped me on the board...rigged

Nice game

One problem: you can't advance beyond the finish square like you can in most games. The game shouldn't come down to a 1/6 chance at the end, it should give you credit for reaching the end when you reach or pass it.

Loved it

I loved this game. It was great. Personally, it reminded me of Wario Ware. Overall, it was great! Next time maybe add some more variety and maybe some more character choices. Great game!

Here are some tips

I'll get to the review soon but here are some very useful tips for the water game, ring game, and dog game for those of you having trouble:

Water Game:

The goal is to fill two different cups with half the total amount you start with. If you have 12 liters for example, then you'll need 6 liters in 2 different cups. The total amount of water you have is also equal to the number of steps needed to solve the problem. If you have 8 liters, it will take 8 steps. If you have 12 liters it will have 12 steps, and if 16, then 16 steps. This goes in increments of 4 because there are 4 steps to each cycle of movement. The first move is to take the water from the large, and pour it into the medium cup. Then pour the medium cup into the small cup. Next, pour the small cup into the big cup. Finally, pour the medium cup into the small cup. This is your first cycle. If you have 8 liters, repeat this cycle once more until you have the solution. If you have 12 or more, well then life's a bitch!

Dog Game

The goal here is to make all the dogs stand up in this classic game. At first thought, this 4X4 board might overwhelm you but there are only 3 different kinds of pieces to worry about. The corner spaces control the corner obviously, and the two adjacent pieces. The outer edge spaces (not to be confused with the corners) control themselves, and the three adjacent pieces. The middle pieces which total up to 4 control the 4 adjacent pieces and themselves. See how this works? Now the easiest way to solve this is to break the board into 2 pieces. I like to make a "cut" from the top right to the bottom left diagonally. Things just got a hell of a lot simpler with this 2X4 board! Although the middle pieces overlap this imaginary line, because of the way this game is made it shouldn't be a problem. Now, just concentrate on getting all the pieces on one side to stand up. Next, the other side. Simple, right?

Ring Game

Also called "The towers of Hanoi", you need 3 moves for 2 discs, 7 moves for 3 discs, and 15 moves for 4 discs. Remember this pattern from math class (2,4,8,16,32...etc)? The pattern of movement is symmetrical and goes as follows for three discs, calling the small disc "3", the medium disc "2", and the large disc "1": 3231323. So this means move the small, then medium, then small, then large....etc. For 4 discs, the pattern is as follows:


where 4 is the small, 1 is the large, the the two middle discs are 2 and 3. If you need more help, I'll call the sticks R, M, and L for right, middle, and left. So 1R means move the large piece to the right ring. Here's the solution then:

4M, 3R, 4R, 2M, 4L, 3M, 4M, 1R, 4R, 3L, 4L, 2R, 4M, 3R, 4R

The rest of the games like the octagon are impossible to describe by their nature or their randomness, and the only tip I can give for the octagon is symmetry. I hope this helped. By the way, the game was fun, but the music was repetitive. If you could also add a few more games and increase the resolution (if possible) for the hide and seek pictures, I'd vote you higher. Still, I really enjoyed the game, even if it took me an hour and a few sheets of paper to figure out the mathematics behind each puzzle!

Really, really irritating

One, the computer should never move first. The player should have the advantage, not the computer.

Two, I could swear these dice are rigged. I played 2 games and the computer beat me to the finish each time, but my "IQ" was way higher around 140 to the computer's 110-120. So apparently the computer consistently is just a lot luckier than the player. I do not know why you would put such a feature into the game.

Three, take out the one where you just put together a jigsaw puzzle--it is easy but slow and tedious. Also take out the Towers of Hanoi one with 6 or 7 pieces--that's too many. 5 pieces should be the max. Every additional piece doubles the number of moves necessary.