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Reviews for "Puzzle Freak"

sooooo neat

the music i immediately turned off because it was annoying so thanks for the on/off switch but i really really enjoyed the game! the concept, the puzzles, the characters even! itd be neat if it were more like real monopoly and you have to like, earn levels instead of buying properties and people landing on it have to play the puzzle too or something. idk where i'm going with this but i definitely loved it.

It's good with friends, but not against the CPU.

If you could seem the computer's solutions then I would like this game more, otherwise you may need a friend.

Graphics: Good images and pixel arts, there were few problems here.

Style: Incredibly unique and original compared to most of the stuff here on NG, but I'm n expert here at all.

Sound: Most of the sound were annoying, the music had a short loop, and turning it off affecting everything else.

Violence: That dice had some serious ownage inflicted on him.

Interactivity: I like the various options, but if you had a checklist of what types of games you could play I'd be far better off.

Humour: The characters looked funny, I'll give you that, but that's about it.

Overall: Good game with a fairly large replay ability and great fun against your friends.

- You should have a music off button
- An option to allow you to stay at the end even if the number of the dice is greater than the number of spaces left on the board.
- More images for messing around with.
- Random person goes first.

Good luck with anything else you do.

Fix the Sound

Seriously, good game but the sound is absolute crap. the music is annoying and really short loop, but if you turn it off there's no sound AT ALL except for the dice rolling.


wow it's amazing. You managed to take all the games and puzzles i hated in my childhood and remind me of why i hate them so much! yay! Still, well made!

This game is to hard

I love the concept. I love the mini games. This game is just way too hard for me.