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Reviews for "Puzzle Freak"


yea this game reminds me of supe shash bros with like the mini games and stuff. but its really addicting and fun.

awesome work

i would definitely say that this is an extremely addicting game. awesome work and great puzzles!

good good

fun entertaining skillfull what else can i say

High-quality puzzle/board game hybrid.

I personally quite liked the exact number necessary to complete the game - it allowed for skilled players to get 3 turns at that exact number, while others would take their first turn, lose the puzzle and have to wait. It also means the extra turn bonus squares seem more balanced somehow - though as it's a board game, luck still comes in to it somewhere.

On the other hand, I didn't like that as IQ scores are worked out as an average (I think), you can be drained of a considerable amount of IQ just by being given an easy puzzle. But then, I'm biased - after a 6-tier Towers of Hanoi puzzle to start the game off, I was given an IQ of around 240 on the first move. :P

All in all, though, a top quality effort for puzzle game fans.

Good Headache.

I'm a bit of a nerd so I found this headache a good thing. Great game and quite addicting. I'm going back in for thirds.