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Reviews for "Puzzle Freak"


This deserves to be on the frontpage, it's so good!!! Probably one of the best puzzles I ever played, except the space station puzzles are too easy and the water and octagon puzzles are too challenging. All in all, great game!

good one

that was a pretty good puzzle game. this one had a very nice challenge to it, good graphics, nice audio frm the audio portal, very nice gameplay and your efforts were very nice. i really enjoyed this one.

cool, but

why is it that even when i win a game... i lose IQ??

I liked it.

I liked this game. I love puzzles, so it was perfect for me. That Albert guy was starting to get on my nerves again. And then when I finally got to the end I kept getting 2's, so that would bump me back. (Not fair. Lol.) But yeah, tight game!!

very good

one thing that i did not like was that you lost a lot of IQ when you lost won a game and you did not get much IQ when you won one. but other than that it was great!