Reviews for "Armor Games Avalanche"


The rambling was really unnecessary in the how to play screen. Just tell me what buttons to push so I don't have to sift through a wall of needless text.

pretty fun game

Good graphics, nice style, it could have done with some more songs though, but the ppl getting squished noise is cool and funny. the glitch mentioned about the money is true (dont fix it) :)

Good, but a little glitchy

I liked this game(a nice variation of the old ski game that came with windows 95/98) but I found 2 glitches while playing. The first one was that my snowball was able to go through everything without losing any weight, and it got up to a couple hundred thousand before I finally just closed it. The second one I also found by accident, I degraded my remroll when I meant to upgrade it and found out that I had more money so I kept doing it. When you degrade it you get $1000 and when you upgrade you only spend $500, so all you have to do is get $500 and you can get the rank 10 remroll.


I loved the original and i love this one! at the moment, i (drasere, my snowballer) has all 3 of the seasonal records at once, goin for all of the classic too ^^

Found a bug

If u click the buy button on upgrade screen many time (even with no money) u can click down grade just as much times and will get a lot of money. Short: click upgrade with no money 100 times, then downgrade 100 times, and there u go: lotsa money!