Reviews for "Armor Games Avalanche"

I am one in 100,000

I'm going to see how big the ball gets, but right now its at 7,000 and climbing. Damn, this game is awesome. Right, well, the bug isn't fixed, but I'm sure you already knew that. Great game though.


so far im 100th out of 66thousand ppl :)

Nice... very cool.

It's awesome that you can have a snowball creator thing also. It's hard to control the snowball after it gets bigger. It's pretty addictive though. I hope you make more games...

Nice Job, almost good. 3/5

Great game!

Nice graphics, and it's funny when you squash ppl, and nice attention to detail that the people flew out of the snowball when you broke it. Good design and totally addicting. My one complaint, is that, I'm not exactly sure where it is. but i think around the 1,000 or 1,500 area, it becomes like, 99.9% luck based. That is seriously annoying, and you need to fix that cus you lost major points for that. If I want to play a luck based game. If I want to play a luck based games, I'll go play a gambling simulator. Other than that, good game. But seriously,fix it so it ain't so luck based cus that drags it down considerably. Don't get me wrong, I like this game and I'm complimenting it, it's just that one elemant that brings it down.

lucky me

well looks like im that 1/10000 people since i hit that very glitch and just kept rolling and rolling and couldnt stop worth crap other than that it reminded me of that old downhill skiing game