Reviews for "Armor Games Avalanche"

SO fun

i spent hours playing this game it was so fun after i got the second roller thing


I love the game. You should make a multiplayer version that allows us to play against real people.

cool but spectacular

the game is highly good to play i liked it very much and the best part i have to smash the snowman.

Very Good

This is a very good game. I spent a lot of time playing season mode for meny to upgrade. I noticed a glitch however when i was looking at the different upgrades. When you buy an upgrade it only costs $500, but when you downgrade, you get $1000. Besides that (doesnt really affect the gameplay) this is a great game.

That's not fair

cmon man there has to be a way to tell which way the avalanche is coming from. you can't just have it appear then leave only a few seconds before it catches up with your snowball.
but either than that, an excellent game, great graphics, great idea, the menu is a little too big, and theirs no real plot either than a guy winning stuff, but still good