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Reviews for "Armor Games Avalanche"

1/10000? more like 1 to 2 :D

Yo here's your problem right here, if you roll your ball left and right so fast, it'll leave the screen ^_^'' Now where's my testing fee bitch :O! lol


I however have to agree with soloman The music really Sucked but i can't really think of a Way to improve it

Also alot of the game was actually spent watching the guy roll His snowball..kinda annoying. People like me just want to get straight to the action

Other than that though the game was great
Well Done!

Good... Realy Good

It Was Good The Avatar System Is Cool! I Made A Guy
That Looked Like He Was Part Of A Mafia! But Anyway,
In The Remroll Upgrade I Pressed Downgrade And I
Got $1,000 Insted Of $500 Weird But It Was Cool!
Just Runnin' Over Those Kids Is Fun!
It Was Cool!

SO fun

i spent hours playing this game it was so fun after i got the second roller thing

Waste of both our time.

Honestly, this was one of the most obnoxious things I've seen here. The 5 minutes or so that I wasted were so horribly wasted that I felt the need to write this.

You spent too much time on the loading scenes and "production"...look, this is Newgrounds, not a Wizards of the Coast convention, ok? I spent about 70% of my time just waiting for those goofy little "battle" animations. Reminds me of the old days when Pokemon was still cool. Too bad I'm not 12 any more. The actual gameplay (once I got to it) wasn't horrible, but you should have just made the ball decently maneuverable and left out all the "remroll" crap. People appreciate simplicity and style; this had neither. But better luck next time. Oh....and the music. Oh god the music. No. Bad. Sorry. I know that's not constructive, but damn.