Reviews for "Armor Games Avalanche"

great game but found an error

when you downgrade you can click upgrade again over and over to get back more money to get the highest one. all you need is enough money to buy the first one then downgrade to get the next.

Good but...

I found another glitch.. here it is.. when you go to improve your.. erm thing that makes it easier to use, you just need 500 points to get to elvel 10. Here is how: Quite simple actually, just get 500 points (simple enough) and upgrade it once, then sell the upgrade, you should now have 1000 points, then buy up to level 3, seel them, have 1500 points, you see where this is going. Just get 500 points, and own the game.

Was that ment to be like that? Don't think so...

Lucky number 100000

yeah i got that bug and it was pretty neat watching it get freakin huge
the game was fun though
the only problem i had really was waiting between turns cause it seemed like it took forever..but i looked on the side of where it's supposed to be a competition and that...i just wanted to play the game ^_^



I do like this game. I am rrth on the high scores, currently at 4557. I do have one problem though: STOP MAKING THE DAMN COMPUTER BREAK YOUR HIGH SCORES SO QUICKLY. After I got 4557, I held world and regional records--holding the world record by SEVERAL HUNDRED POINTS over the last guy who held it. Then I rolled again, and got a so-so score--and it said 2 computer people broke the regional AND world record, so suddenly all I held was hometown despite having scored 4557, about 300 points over the last guy who had the world record. Even more friggin irritating is that the person who "beat" my record scored 4564 (yeah, 7 points higher, real realistic), and that had been the pattern previously--new world record holders only increased by a small number of points each time. Seriously, it's ok when the computer players beat each other, but if you knock the sh** out of them by 300 points then you should not have them suddenly come back 1 roll later. It should take 50 rolls, if ever. When I get a world record I want to keep it, until I get all the other records also.

By the way check out my cool profile on the high scores! Green rim granny glasses are TEH BOMB

just rolling a snowball...

just rolling a snowball but that's origonal and that makes the game fun