Reviews for "Armor Games Avalanche"

Good fun

It was good fun for quite a long time.
Would be nice to see more upgrades or whatever, and also make the game screen larger so players can see obstacles sooner, because at high speeds sometimes obstacles are simply unavoidable. That, or add in a radar or something. Apart from that, the game is quite nice and the music is pretty well done as well. My only other concern is the high-scores submission; I got 4000+ scores quite a few times, submitted them, but they never showed up. :P

One of the best on the site.

I remember playing the first version of this and I must say, well done on the upgrade. To be honest, I love just about everything about this game. The graphics, the heavenly gameplay, the music, the sound, the over atmosphere of the game, flawless..I wouldn't change one thing about this game honestly. This will be added to favorites for sure. I have been playing this game for almost an hour now and still going. Not repetitive in the least I must say. To keep it short, excellent game.

Vote - 5/5

Thumb Rating - d('.'d)

Recommendation - Highest

*A Favorite Game Award*


Really Fun And really cool,throw back to the demancy but does anybody else <3 Katamari all of a sudden like i do?

Reamroller downgrade glitch

when you upgrade it costs $500 but when you downgrade you get $1000 back so after you get the initial $500 its really easy to upgrade all they way to level 10......w00t National Record!!! 3857 lbs


this is a great game but i glitched the game while playing so see me in the leaderboared(hopefully #1)due to my remroll 10