Reviews for "Armor Games Avalanche"

Great game

--Graphics 9;; No explaining needed there. I just don't like the fact that even when your superbig you can't "eat" trees.
--Style 10;; I just love this game, the fact that your a controllable snowball, sucking people in. ingenious !
Sound 5;; Only gave you bad on sound because the music can get annoying, but pretty good sound still. I like the menu select sound ;D
Violence 7;; What ISN'T Violent about a giant snowball crushing people and dogs and sucking them in. Seriously?
Interactivity 10;; Your controlling the snowball, and thats all there is to the game, so..
Humor 6;; You have to laugh when you see a yeti sucked in by a snowball. ;D

Overall 10;; One of the best (and addicting) games on NG. I love it.

I found how to get superbig.
Get to about 500-1000 lbs and then start bouncing off the walls, then when you hit a small tree and it says Oh my god! or whatever, you will break apart and go through the barrier in the wall. Another harder way to do this is go by the wall and hit a tree and as you hit it and it says omg! go towards the wall.

I just have to figure out how to end the game now..


Its a very good and well made game but it is very easy to get the remrollers. If you get 500$ then buy a Level then sell it back, you will get 1000$ instead of the full price 500$. So i had after like 10 matches 21270$. Besides that, its a very good game.

9.5 for eating people muahahahahahahaha

i like to eat the people muahahaha i think the remroll could use a little work buying it does not seem to improve i held the tamugoi trophy for a loooooooooong time good work keep it up and remember to watch foamy every day

Not bad Not good

Verry addictive game but could be better with some editing.
The idea of a snowball rolling competition isnt really... well... normal. O_o
the game was also somewhat glitched and faulty in some ways that made the game unfair.
A lot of effort was put into this game and i admire the user that made it!
Not a bad game but not a good one either, nice try though.

more glitches.

i found that you can get to remroller 10 buy just buying one level.

when they refund your money for the downgrade, they give you double what you paid for. so it's $500/reroller upgrade, but the refund gives out $1000. rinse and repeat and you have level 10 in 1 minute flat.