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Reviews for "Armor Games Avalanche"


It's even better than the first one!


It wasnt as good as 'Snowball'

11 out of 10!!!!

Great one Josh! Really fun and addictive! I couldnt stop playing for over half an hour!!!!!

Very good.

I remember playing the original game on Armorgames.com and I have to say, this updated version is a welcome addition to the game collection.

emh emh.... xD

Look i took shusui advice (dont blame him i was the one that followed it), and i got the Remroll lvl10 in seconds, but this remroll level was too fast even in slow ball AND MORE i cant control it well and (and and) just 3-2 seconds later if i bashed a wall the remroll just pounded left to right and i coudlnt control it..... PLEASE fix it....