Reviews for "Armor Games Avalanche"


i use to play this as a kid, thanks alot for refreshing my memorys
i found this cheat i guess u would call it, u should fix it
i maka u a pizza, thats me

Feeling lucky?

Yeah, this game is mostly luck once you're past the 1500lb mark. It's also painfully slow to start with, and at higher Remroll levels the snowball is jittery and doesn't go straight until you're up to 300lb... plus there's the money cheat, and the occasional invincible snowball glitch. But other than that it's pretty addictive and fun.

Also, I'd love to see a feature added whereby personal records in Season Mode can be submitted, but the high scores list is so easy to manually update that being unable to submit my score through the game was hardly an obstacle. You should probably code in a verification code that can't be guessed to stop people submitting scores like 666666.

good game

didnt like the avalanche, and for some reason when buying the snow controller,
if you buy it then get ur money back and keep doing it, you make millions, lol

not bad I like it. . .

very nice in free play. season was not that interesting and the wait for the other player to roll is annoning. but nice job all around.


wow that was such a afun game and yet it was soooo simple, the online aspect was great and it was just awesome to play against other people, yay hahaha thanks for makin me happy lol