Reviews for "Armor Games Avalanche"

I was in fact quite impressed by this game. I just liked it because of how simple it was. I don't even know if there is a point where you can go past those houses. I liked seeing the abominable snowmen here and there. The people didn't make my snowball bigger. I guess that makes sense.

I also like the music. I was wishing for awhile it would snow where I lived. Now it's just too cold to even request that. It's a very smooth moving game. I appreciate that.

I found a glitch in upgrading the remroll

First,you get $500 for the first remroll upgrade.
Then,you upgrade,and then downgrade and you should get $1000 for the third upgrade,and then reapeat thid over and over again until u get the last upgrade.

kinda good kindabad

idk about this game kinda suckish but kinda fun :/

love it

though i experienced a little glitch, when i went superfast when my snowball was remroll lv.10 and my snowball dissapeared and then i just kept going


good game