Reviews for "Solid Snake/Meryl Sex XXX"


The guy below me is right =P

anyway, that was kinda funny, turd of the week is an honor in my eyes (plus it gets you some ratings xD)

i doubt they were actually getting it on, most likely just a screenshot of them in an akward pose.

Good luck on future flash.

It was fairly humourous..

Well, it wasnt extremely great, but it was funny.

Don't listen to everyone who reviews, most of them are just following the crowd to fit in, or too feel "cool", when they are just probably jelous that they didnt get turd of the week (seeing as it is pretty hard to get turd of the week)

Well, well done and good luck in future flash..

Why bother, sir?

It seems that you have some legitimate artistic skills. You also seem to have a knack for making flash that is also purposefully bad. There is nice animation, but there is a flat joke; specifically that half of these movies seem to promise sexual content and tend to not deliver or they scream at us. I wish this had more of a story/plot/twist. It seems like the animation builds up to nothing in particular. Please try to invest time in actual storytelling. I would love to see your movies become user choices instead of the somewhat regular turd of week status.


It had a hamster in it!!!!


Hard city, here I come <3