Reviews for "Solid Snake/Meryl Sex XXX"


well here are my thoughts... the graphics were, how could i put it...poor and it basically didn't make any sense at all. i'll give you points for the metal gear solid music because it's good quality but this wasn't the best flash ever in my book.


This is just the usual horrid tripe. The drawings are always good, but the "storylines" are deceptive and rely on cheap tricks to draw people in. Quite honestly, the only thing that I feel I can give you some credit for is that the spammage is always pretty... however, the music was grating, and the "story" was, shall we say, lacking.

Suckage by design

I have a hypothesis, but at the risk of you having my review deleted, I will actually include a real *review* with the hypothesis, as they are most definitely linked. I will also attempt to answer the question in the last review I left, which was disputed and deleted: How can a movie with a score of 1.1 make front page?

I have seen your work before; I know you're capable of better than this. Also, I have seen *this* work before; you're using recycled images and music, rather than original content.

The music and graphics are upbeat and sufficiently capturing for something with a punchline, but this had none. Summarily, this is recycled work contributed no value to the content of NewGrounds.

But I see what were trying to do: by keeping a low score with high-ranking reviews, you have the potential to get on the front page (as an underdog). Therefore, you're disputing all negative feedback, while at the same time actually *asking* people to vote low.

I think this is a cheap scam to make the front page, boost your account stats and waste Newgrounds space. The movie's intention was to suck -- it is the graphical equivalent of spam, BY DESIGN. So there. Now you know how to improve it, and what I don't like about it. Good luck disputing this one.

FatBadger responds:

thanks for writing an article about my flash. Now fuck off and find something better to do then writing long reviews. Your review probably took as much time to write as my movie took to make.


Hey, i know you deleted my review, and sorry about that. It was pretty good graphics and sound wise, but maybe a bit too short. You got a good style, and you maybe should try something else.

Keep it man, keep it up.

Apologies for my last review.

In my last review on this i said "That's it?!" and got it deleted. I just want to say sorry for that.
Having said that i still stand by what i said, there is nothing extreme about this and no aparant story, yes i do know not everything needs a story but this had potential and needed more to it.
Sorry about the last review though.