Reviews for "Solid Snake/Meryl Sex XXX"

Well that was finnaly not so bad :)

It the first time at laught a bit when I watched your movie!!! Maybe for one time you sould be in flash submission only and not in turd of the week! Continue the good work!


you guys got better. Thank God. Keep improving and you will get less flaming from others.


^^Good Points^^
Not the worst submission I've seen. It was really quite funny to see fat badger in his espianoge suit and hiding in a box. Music was good, and the graphics and animations were decent as well.

^^Needs Improving^^
No really storyline in this, I was expecting porn, but of course that will get you some bad feedback. Could be longer too.

FatBadger responds:

what espionage suit!?!?! his headband??

Not any good to watch.

Cmon man I know you can make better stuff than this. It has nothing in it to make it worth watching.

Only you Fat_Badger....

Why is it almost every time i take a look at turds and underdogs of the week, It's always you making a flash that uses the words "hentai" and "sex" and other words to sugguest it's some kind of porn? Are people just that stupid?

Come on... Make a flash that doesn't involve the sugguestion of porn and see how long that shit flies. I guarantee that it won't be very long