Reviews for "Solid Snake/Meryl Sex XXX"


Well I can't say anything bad about it. It was kinda silly. But I don't think it was front page material myself. I find the people who put work into thier Flashes are usually the ones who get posted here. But I guess thats just my opinion.


Do My eyes deceive me? is the great fat_badger and friends making a come back? ave you decided to stay instead of leave? I hope so because the main reason i get on newgrounds is to get a laugh out of your flashes. Make some funny ones you are very comically genious, intelligent, and disgusting (in a good way).

Nothing special.

Duno why this got on front. It wasnt fun, nor funny. Not so bad graphics, but almost non existing animations... Well, thats 4-5. Or maybe im just a noob who doesnt know what it is about... whatever ^^


Man you got some serious skills, i hope you take over Disney and all that kind of sort of, yo... im afraid i must complain, the guards were uglies' and their weapons were like "make one cry" - looking. :) kiss and hugs

FatBadger responds:

those gaurds were serious gaurds