Reviews for "Solid Snake/Meryl Sex XXX"

Aww, ZekeySpaceyLizard has worked on much better stuff. Anyway, this was pretty dumb. It just just a brief scene and nothing else. I have never played the "Metal Gear" games. I don't even think I've seen any cutscenes. I still know what you're talking about.

Too bad Snake didn't get with anyone. The music's nice I guess. I see that fat badger a lot. Uh, congrats on your Turd Of The Week award? It's rare that makes the front page.

this sucks put it was a little funny

wat the i mean just a picture do better dude


that was shit what was the hamster for and i didnt see any action only a pic of the game u ass


this would be an amazing game


i didn't even see snake and meryl in action, and how is the hamster related to the game?