Reviews for "Solid Snake/Meryl Sex XXX"

it was ok.. nothing to do with the tital though

yeah it was ok... nothing much exsiting about it though :s


Personally I think this was misleading and pointless. You should actually stick to the title name.

Ha ha! In yous face!

This was alright, i couldnt make any better (partly because i dont have flash) and it was cool. I gave it a 9 for humor because im laughing at all the idiots who put in abusive reviews. I went up a whistle level! w00t! thanks fat_badger!

the best flash i have seen today!

this was AWSOME! but i liked BUMSEX better

Could do a LOT better...

Good greif... I've had a bit of thaught about this flash and I've noticed a theme with your submissions... they all seem to have 2 opposite outcomes... good or bad... never really in between.

This time I feel you have let yourself down badly. To Be honest I would never release a project till I felt it was perfect...

Right... reveiw time...

I love MGS and can't get enough of the Music so a 5 is yours... as for the rest... there was some animation but not much.... and very little charisma. A score of 1 is a fair assesent of something quite slap dash and hap-hazard.