Reviews for "Solid Snake/Meryl Sex XXX"


you really deserved that prize..

make a decent story,throw in some action,some snake and there you have it:
a mgs flash.

kinda stupid

it was actually weird and it made no sense


idk how you got the models to do that, but i'll give it 5 for the hell of it lol


that was random but fun lol i only liked the hamster thingy bc it was like havin a sesiure lol

its rare i do this but...

PLEASE do yur metal gear solid research cuz u just fuked up man its not even ADULT!! so go bak 2 mcdonalds and make my burger

p.s congrats on yur "turd of the week" rofl

FatBadger responds:

Flash by snake-eater-fan:
- none -

Congrats on nothing lol

ps fuck you