Reviews for "Solid Snake/Meryl Sex XXX"



It made me chuckle to myself because it made front page. It was random, that's for sure - I can't help feeling that people voted for it because it was deliberately bad - what do you think? ;)

Still, nice one for the, er... effort?

I smiled.

But only because your animation made the little squirrel thingy look like it was quivering. That was pretty funny, but I bet making it longer would have also made it better. =[]


wow, so you can rip sounds from the game, take an image or two, and poorly draw some poor looking guards and a hamster (?)

first off, make it longer; i love the idea of metal gear solid paradoies
next, invest some time with illustrator, photoshop, or the graphics program of your choice
you've obviously got some talent, it needs some refinement though...


I actually thought this was kind of funny despite it being intentionally pointless. My only complaint is that it is on the frontpage rather than the work someone has spent weeks on looking for an audience. It also may discourage non-regular Newgrounds viewers from remaining here. It's funny to see how upset people get by your flash Badger.


imma assume theres some kinda of sick joke here and im going to laugh. HA!