Reviews for "Solid Snake/Meryl Sex XXX"

It took 5 authors to make THIS?

Wow, there was no effort put into that at all. I understand, though, why this was put on the front page. Sooner or later, it will receive the worst award Newgrounds can give and will thus be posted for others to ridicule and mock.

That sucked.


you should've made it so he bumped into the gaurd and he's like "oh sorry" then the guard still did'nt notice him


I cant see why everyones crying that this is on the front page. The graphics were good and it had a story. the only thing its missing is Fat_badger running though the woods at the start.

Its good because theres 22 pages of abusive reviews to report too :P

Needs More To It

Not a big fan of this movie, really.

I mean, you don't even setup the warnings correctly. "Extreme Nudity, Extreme Violence, etc, etc". This is totally miscatagorised and on purpose.

The movie itself seems pointless and was also poorly animated. The badgersrinks and is all of a suddenin the box? Then the box moves past som eguards that were drawn ok, but not animated.

Then there's just a screenshot? The End.

Not very good in my opinion. It needs a plot, more story and a point. Then categorize it correctly.


You guys fucking own.