Reviews for "Solid Snake/Meryl Sex XXX"

well that wasn't half bad.

you've done well. most of your movies are either awful collabs and such... but this wasn't half bad, just needs a little more length. and a replay button maybe? well, whatever. unexpectedly, you pulled off something rather intresting. and as for some parts in your flash...not bad. you could be famous with small shortie movies. and i don't mean on the internet!! ^^


that was awesome!!!!!

ok, all u ppl are pissed cuz u didnt see anything. WAA.
evryone came here wanting to see sex but got a hamster thingy haha perverts. couldnt u tell that it was a trick on the front page??

simply the best

no questions asked

The Punch line was funny, thats about it.

Yeah I mean I"m sure it would lure the lonesome nerds into preping the palm pilot, I guess the beaver is sort of a give away that this is gonna go poorly though lol.

haha... good one

pretty funny. Got all the nerds that were looking for something sexy and gruesome. Love the seizure shakes of the characters. But I was one of the nerds looking for gruesomeness and sexiness so you won't get any 4's or 5's out of me. Congrats on the front page.