Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

Pretty Interesting

Dispite the lack of continuity between this spoof and StarCraft itself, it was well put together. The reused animations weren't that great, but it helped teh pieces fit. I get it.

I appriciate your creativity on this.
I loved the animation effects, simply eye candy.
Voice-actings okay.
I hate flash voice acting in general, but yours was somewhat passable.
Characters could be less cartoonish.

Oh just one thing that bothered me, did your (sorry forgot the name) red T-rex jump out of the way or was that an explosion?

LogFish responds:

It kinda did a retarded jump - that didn't come out too well, but it doesn't really matter whether it jumped or got blown over there I guess! Same effect, heh.
Glad you liked, and didn't mind the voiceacting!

Good good really good.

Um just one question was that a ultralisk and the beggining or that was just somethingyou made up. (Please Respond).

LogFish responds:

Watch the series and you might figure it out, it's a tricky one!

good job

I liked it. The graphics of the monster looked like a cartoon i used to watch on cartoon network. The big robots looked like animals...u may have seen it...Anyway nice job with this...gonna go watch number 2 now.

Nicely done

Very nice work on this flash, 3d renders are quite hot w/ the lights & shadows, and storyline is not too shabby...what was that beast anyways, a hydralisk? Overall fantastic job.


Nice really! "What's up with the Zerg? They're killing themselves!" "Oh, we got to thank our Protoss friends for that. We got Dark Archon on Pegagsus."

LogFish responds:

That's what they say alright ;)