Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

woo hoo

Man, this is such a good series and I got to thank you for that. Good improvement on graphics and animation and drawing and...oh, u know what, screw it, its the best damn Starcraft movie I've seen, ok?

LogFish responds:

Cheers! Thats awesome to hear


This is probably the best series on newgrounds i have seen. Also it is the fastest made usually you have to wait years to see the whole series whereas you do them very quickly. Love the jokes on loading screen.


"omg, you killed my music gun"


one of the best movies on NG

the graphics were awsome for all the units and stuff and i love that u used the jurrasic park sfx for the zantaboan

ps where did u come up with the name zantaboan?? i didnt see it any game

LogFish responds:

Unfortunately I can't remember how I came up with the name Zantaboan, I did just make it up though. I usually take a name of something nearby and modify it till its unrecogniseable - the 'Rikiene Sector' was a development of my CD writer drive, which is a Ricoh.

Dude awsome

Dude u got talent im not kidding these are an awsome series even thought u are kinda of the starcraft thang o well its cool so 10/10 from me