Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

Starcraft is oldskool

Loved the animation, you captured the starcraft feel very well, Although I was displeased with the Zerg models. I'd use two guns too! Keep up the work, I look forward to the next one

LogFish responds:

I use Swift3d to make the models, it's a pretty weak wee 3d program so I can't make biological units look very convincing with it - I'm trying to get better but it's slow going, they're damn expensive!


hmm this movie was one of the best ive seen


I don't know about these whiners, but I think this is cool. I played starcraft for about 3 years, made maps etc. This is one movie that truly looks like the real chars but then in your own style. I like it, and the movie makes me want to see all parts, never had that on newgrounds before...

Btw, that vulture rocks too ;).

LogFish responds:

Thanks a lot! :) Hehe, the bloody vulture topic is a saga in itself!

oh no you killed my music gun

lol that part was funny i play b.net to im a noob :( im ilicepie

NO! you broke the I-gun!

Dude, awesome annimation, okay voice work, and funny jokes! i laughed alot and im somtimes hard to make laugh! dude u did an awesome job! :D