Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

"Aw no, you killed my music gun!"

"Thats not all I'll break if you don't get this thing working again."

You are a very talented flash maker


dont keep me waiting to long for ep2 :O

LogFish responds:

I didn't, it's here. I had to cut this SINGLE episode in half so it's in two parts. I wonder how many people aren't going to see the 2nd half because you didn't read anything I wrote in the comments box? no offense, im glad you like it, heh.

the best of the best

this series is great the author deserves a friggin medal

5/5 hands down!

LogFish responds:

I got some portal awards, frontpage and top of the SC collection - having people actually see them is better than a medal!


have you ALWAYS wanted to hold 2 guns in starcraft?

I think they shoulda made a WoS(world of starcraft),that woulda rocked with home planets and everything!

and OMG all your movies rock there is no such thing as a bad movie from you

LogFish responds:

Thanks a lot! :)

I thought the same about WoSc, but if you think about it, I think it'd suck. Half the enjoyment of SC is blowing the crap out of 100 units in 1 minute - warcraft is more of a stand there chopping for 5 minutes to kill a unit, like RPG's. The love in what SC IS and why it's still played today would be lost in that, it would disappoint. I'm all for a FPS personally!


....its really good