Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"


VERY good movie, I like how it sticks to SC units pretty damn well, and how the story matches SC lore pretty damn well. What's the Zantaboan supposed to be though? A guardian?

LogFish responds:

That's the only thing that isn't from SC, I just made it up to fit in the SC world (albiet unbalanced! Haha)

Thank you, glad you liked it :)


Now to watch the next part

Come One, come all, StarCraft fans rejoice!

Graphics 9/10
Very nicely done. Smooth animations and very good effects.

Style 10/10
10'd this one because not many people have done a StarCraft series

Sound 10/10
Classic sounds with voice overs.. love it

Violence 10/10
Shooting stuff, things blowing up.

Interactivity 3/10

Humor 6/10
A very much more serious movie.

Overall 9/10
This is one of the only StarCraft series on Newgrounds thats still running strong. Infact, if I remember correctly its the ONLY one. Please, continue this series. There are so many StarCraft fans out there that love your work! Nice job!

StarCraft Excellence

I love starcraft, therefore i shall love this. Having sex with a watermelon. Sounds Great.

LogFish responds:

Haven't tried it myself, but apparently it's all the rage in britain!

A pretty good film

While some people are complaining about its relationship with the original game, i say pooy. I think you effort and time was well spent. I really appreciated how everything was done. Just becuase the creatures & ships aren't what they were in the original game doesn't mean they couldn't be in the Starcraft universe. I mean, the graphics in the original game were good for their time, but how can you honeslty tell the auther that his Vulture is not right...
Any who, i liked it and hope you make more.

LogFish responds:

Thanks a lot :) yes people that bitch about that kind of thing have so little imagination it's pathetic and I read the reviews and feel bad for the human race... I replied with a big speil to who you're meaning, heh. God! Clearly you're willing to see i'm developing units to be more 'useable' if the SC world actually existed, rather than portraying game-balancing stuff in flash. Glad you liked it thanks for reminding me not everyone is a fucking moron, hehe.