Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"


Oh darn, now I wanna watch episode 5 right away!!!

Darn it >_< Awesome job!

Need I Say Any More?


Hello, me again

Remember the guy who said he'd sell ur soul to see further installments to ur movie? well, i'm back, and i hope u reply to, THIS!
"I saw more of the seiries, and i still got my soul!! XD"

Don't listen to that arse

It doesn't matter if you use sounds from the game. Also, the music was quite good and I liked the story.

Dude (joeboudreau) if you knew the dude didn't speak english, that must mean you played the game and that gives you no right to say "who the fuck cares about starcraft". Would you rather he spoke in Alien or whatever it was.

And you try and make it perfect.

Nice, can't wait for the second one.


I think I can speak for every starcraft fans when I say; that was AWESOME! I love starcraft and this was really cool, with very nicely done models such as the wraith or the marines. Very good job. But I also agree that the voice acting coulde use a tune up. Otherwise kudos to you!