Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"


How... freaking... awesome... was that?!?!?! O.OFREAKING..... AAAWWWEESSSOOOOMMEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen a cooler starcraft movie in my life. GIVE IT A FREAKING FIVE!!!

LogFish responds:

I did already! Hehe

oooh fuck yeah

that was really good man!! I liked your use of the toon cell render. I don't know if you intended on making the creatures look metalic. If you weren't, instead of modeling it differently, you could have just added a bump map to make it look organic and change the material to a lambert. Other then that, everything was dope as hell and the fights were good. I wonder how they'll take down the creature now....

LogFish responds:

I use Swift3D and it doesn't have bump maps or anything, that's about as good as I can get the zerg models and they're just primitives stretched and stuck together - I'm working on getting a better 3d program but I don't think I'll use it for this series because it's kinda already very much into it with these models, and they're kinda a stylistic feature now heh.

WOOT~This is Super Awesome....cant wait for next 1

Wow.....its soooo dam GOOD XD
cant wait for the next episode......Thumbs up XD XD XD WOOT~


wow this was crazy the best iv seen on newgrounds by far 5/5


awsome....... nothing more i can say except AWESOME!!!! keep it up my man!!!