Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

Review the game a bit more

The sound cut out half the clip. And the so called "vulture" you tried to add in, it truly sucked. first of all there was no windshield, it was basically just a motorcycle, there wasa nowhere to stand on it. So you really need to look at the game a bit longer and closer.

LogFish responds:

The sound cutting out is not my movies fault, that's a hardware or software problem on your end. I've explained the 'vulture' in this episode about 100 times I'm not doing it again, if you care why it's different read my previous responses - however I am guessing you don't really care, you just want to shit on someones work. Motorcycles have wheels.

waste of my time

first of all...wtf. why couldn't you just make new sounds for all the animals instead of using the ones right from the game?
second, when the fuck did protos start speaking english. dumbass
third, when the dude says "ill kill it with one shot", not only did each gun fire, each gun fired about 4 times by the sound of it.
fourth, why when they were falling down the tunnel and the ship was spinning, did the dudes not fall out of the back, AND, why was the background in the cockpit scene still flowing at a forward moving speed? CONTINUITY
and lastly....who the fuck cares about starcraft? get a life you loser

you did do somewhat of a good job by having music throughout the video. you could have made the video EVEN BETTER by having music at all points of the video, like in a professional movie. they wouldnt' even have to be large or quality files....just something to create that extra layer.
learned that one in art school

LogFish responds:

I appreciate your sense of humour, nicely done!

Ummm ok... how do i explain this

MORE MUSIC... the lack of music does NOT WORK!

seriously... and what's up with the audio clipping? It's horrible. So FIX IT! redo it! so yeah... i give this a 5.

Your graphics are pretty good... but not the animation. The 3-d renderings are cool to look at... but your backgrounds are boring, your characters look like crap.

But yeah... re-score the thing with music from whatever... right now it's boring to watch without it

LogFish responds:

A 5, yea that's fair.

Nothing Special

I’ll be honest. This flash movie is nothing special. Audio is ok. Voiceover is mediocre. Everybody sounded the same in tone. When a person goes down with a plane he should be yelling his ass off not ordering coffee- “I’m going down guys if your not doing anything how about you help me, oh and you can bring some coffee as well because a crash at supersonic speeds in this movie doesn’t seem to kill anyone”
Graphics: Again nothing special. The robot T-Rex looks good but the characters don’t.
Also story could be more interesting because all through this movie it’s DULL. Particularly because of the voiceovers that don’t show any kind of emotion.
It’s not a bad movie but it’s just not interesting enough to watch a second time.


Story is okay tho if you bring in a twist then it will be something graphics need improvement style is okay sound is so so violence is there humor isnt the greatest overall five im pretty sure it will be better when you make more