Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

Just as graphically stunning as the previous ones

I'll be checking you the second half of this episode in just a few seconds. If it's anything like this one, I know that I'll be in for a good time. Keep up the great work with this series!

Loved it.

The voices could have had a bit more feeling, though. So, is this an original idea, or did you take it from one of the books? Anyway, I'm off to watch part two, now. So see, ya!

LogFish responds:

My voice acting is poo - I'm getting better though heh. I made it up, if it's the same as anything it's a coincidence as I haven't read any of the books!

Good job...

Almost Honest REmix? Pretty sweet music choice if i say so... and i do!

Great job again!

That was nothing less nothing better than your other great episodes. No it was better more in depth action scenes and better drawn fights. The only thing that bothered me... its little but still. the Vulture was a bike not a car. If you look closely you can see the guy on the bike. I always thought the guy had a grenade launcher. I play too many laggy games so i notice this stuff. but this aside great job cant wait for the rest.

LogFish responds:

Is the man that bump behind the front bit? I just assumed the dome bit at the front was a canopy so he must sit in there. The vulture pilot is in a cockpit kinda deal so yea... I dunno, I'm not seeing it. I know vultures arent that big, I'm just gonna say they're variants of the same thing, to carry more dudes around heh. I don't think SC vulturews would go so fast with 2 marines sitting on them, heheh - althuogh that would be quite a neat wee feature !


Graphics: 9 - Most definitly deserved here, i would have given this a ten but there was a few parts where i found the backgrounds a bit choppy, but the entire movie was great though none the less.
Style: 9 - Im sort of a fan of starcraft, but just the game mainly, even that is a bit Ifie but meh, points for effort.
Sound: 10 - No sounds desynced from what i noticed, also background music during the more action type scenes which was nicely done.
Violence: 9 - I would have given this a ten if there had have been more blood from the exploding zerg enemies, or if perhaps the Giant zerg unit actually was able to attack on of the Battle Cruisers which would have been very intertaining.
Interactivity: 4 - OooOOOooohhhh Wow, Scene Selection, Play Button, Even a Stream Button?? Omfg, Im in Heaven here, btw, i dont grade this on most movies.
Humor: 7 - Even though it had a few funny parts like the zerg killing each other it would have been more comical to have the guy with the British acent top off at least one of his lines with classical British humor, it would have only been fair.
Overall: 9 - Certainly deserves it as well, any person giving a fair review would rate this movie a solid 8-9, the sheep give 10's but what can you do.

As a future note though i would consider giving your Zerg deaths a bit more gore, i felt even from the Starcraft game, when you were to kill say a Zergling, they would explode all over the ground, very messy, try having them explode for example, guts and blood fly everywhere and maybe hit someone. That, would be added violence there, and as we all know, the short attention spam of the average kid at keyboard has, thats all they really want.


LogFish responds:

Thanks for all that - what do you mean by british humour? have them run around in circles wearing ladies dresses? It's actually a new zealand accent, not british ;) Always has been.

I'm getting Flash 8 and that'll let me do the gore and effects much better than I currently can with MX and that's one of the things I'm meaning to improve, so keep an eye out! TY for the big review