Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"


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roffle super beast

Super beast! No, not the zantaboan, YOU. Hmm, there were less accents in this; that should get some people to stop complaining. Personally I liked them; it gave your animations a unique touch.

Some people may say vultures or marines can't kill lings with one shot or something, or other stupid inaccuracies, but like I've said before, they just don't fucking matter. And they haven't played SC, because micro = vults > lings. Haha, technical stuff aside... Yamato cannon should take longer to charge? Things bigger than an ultralisk can't burrow...? But no matter.; honestly you're really really awesome.

The mouth animations were really nice, esp the ghost. Umm... hmm maybe it's just on my computer, but the sounds glitched every change of scene. Like, they repeated the first syllable. But it was cool dude.

Voted 5. Oh yeah, we're having a Naruto collab come out in a few days. Think you could reciprocate? ;D
Keep up the beastly work dude!

LogFish responds:

Less accent? Weird, I was just trying my best as I have done the whole time heh - I'm getting better at it as I go.

About 'inaccuracies' - Yea, I was watching an episode of the Simpsons the other day, when Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger were hiding out and the public found them, and the last kinda 'oh no' for them was the comic book guy going 'alec, alec - I've compiled a list of all the inaccuracies in your last film and I think you'd like to discuss them one by one!' and I actually got what they meant, heh. I'm just not replying to some of them anymore because... well, god.

I explain the syncing thing in my author comments - I won't let that happen in the next one.

I don't know what you mean by reciprocate either heh, let me know via PM what you want lol.

holy crap

that was a movie....movie...i couldnt believe it i was at the edge of my seat ...................10

LogFish responds:

Glad you enjoyed it - and I'll try and make more things explode in the next one ;)


i can't believe how well this is made, the graphics are top notch, the story is entraling and there are some bits of humor here and there

thats funny!!!

the hydrolisk killing itself was funny but suck for it. your skill has inproved alot